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12 Beautiful Ways To Photograph Cats

Written by Sasha Bell

Capturing really amazing cat photographs which have perfect focus, the cat positioned in the right place, at the right time with a good expression/pose all at once can be quite tricky…  especially when you first start out. Over time though, like everything, with practice it gets a lot easier!

Outlined below are many beautiful ways you can photograph cats both indoors or outdoors in this unique series below!

Unique off-guard poses

What’s unique about this photograph below is we’ve used the room’s interior as a main feature to help compliment the photograph and add some gorgeous interest… choosing your surroundings plays a huge part in the result you end up with.

The kitten here was hiding behind the pink curtain and she was caught off-guard – you can see her slight surprise at finding a camera pointing towards her…! Sometimes it works to just sneak up on them as you can end up getting spontaneous/unexpected poses/photographs like the one below…


Gorgeous Pair

Two is better than one…! If you’re lucky enough to find two cats like this paired in matching positions/poses – get your camera out! If not though – you can position them yourself to get the perfect pose.

It helps to have a clicker or something to wave around to get their attention and have them both look in the same direction.

Head-on Portraits

Sleeping head-on portraits are gorgeous – and again here we used the lavender in a beautiful garden to add some interest to the portrait…


Use the change of seasons to your advantage and incorporate them in your cat portraits. Similarly above we used the lavender in the summer – and below the gorgeous autumn leaves!

Profile Shots

Playing and switching up the angles you photograph cats from is really important to help get a diverse and creative collection. Side profile shots are gorgeous – so make sure to play around with those too.

Wait it out

One of the best ways to capture cats naturally with beautiful expressions on their faces is to just wait it out… if they’re outside, there will usually always be something distracting them – and those distractions can give you the perfect opportunities to catch them when they’re just about to pounce on something or are looking in a direction intently…

There are always moments where they’re not going anything but then suddenly out of nowhere you’ll get lots of moments worth capturing – you just have to be quick!

Favourite place

Photographing them in their own bed is sometimes the best way to start if you’re new to cat photography – they’re usually quite content to stay there whilst you get into the swing of it!

Different Perspectives

A much higher perspective than usual which compliments his eyes beautifully with them being the main focus.

Cosy Photographs

Sleeping (nearly) kitten photos are just delectable and cats love it – look how happy he looks here…! Super easy to play around  with these – just make sure to have enough natural daylight coming in as it’ll make the outcome look a lot cleaner and professional.


Slightly further away and totally unaware of any humans around – sometimes it’s great to use a closer lens to get shots like these. Sun-kissed photos with gorgeous backlighting are always going to be wonderful!

Action Shots

Tricker  and needs a bit of practice – so you have to be super quick with these shots, but they’re wonderful and spice things up a little – so definitely experiment with giving your cat a toy or something to play with and get clicking!

Try All the Angles

This is a front-on profile shot… it’s amazing how many different angles and compositions there are – so try not to stick to the same ones all the time.

You can see throughout this collection there are hardly any photographs with the cat either positioned in the same way, or taken from the space perspective. Switch either of those two things up and you’ll continue to be creative!

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