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2 Simple Ways to Get The Most Out of a Photoshoot

Written by Sasha Bell

When you spend time planning a photoshoot with model(s) or even writing down ideas for a new self-portrait, we all want to get the most out of the effort we put into getting some new gorgeous photographs.

There is nothing worse than spending hours of time taking photographs you aren’t satisfied with later on. Although there are several ways and things you can do to get the most out of a photoshoot, we have found these 2, simple yet very effect tips, have helped us on so many occasions we have lost count!

This photograph was processed in Adobe Lightroom using the Natural Colours Lightroom Preset

1. Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment

It can be tempting to wait for everything to look perfect before you start taking photographs, but this is something you should really avoid doing.

Why? Because, you never know what others photographs you could get while you are trying to get “the one” you think will look the best, i. e. many of our most popular photographs were captured because we didn’t limit ourselves to taking  a certain amount of photographs. In fact, we probably take double, if not triple the amount of photographs most photographers take.

Ensuring that you’re always there and ready to capture those moments which are unguarded, unplanned and more spontaneous, often give you the best results.

So don’t overthink it or be tentative to take LOTS of photographs and don’t worry about taking some photographs that don’t look good. Experimenting and trial and error will get you everywhere. That’s the best way to learn what does and does not look good.


This photograph was processed in Adobe Lightroom using the Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset

2. Write Down Your Ideas

When you write down your idea on paper it makes a huge difference!  It gives you a clear picture of what you want the photographs to look like and it can also spark new ideas as to how you can make it look better.

Although we find inspiration comes to us the most when we are actually taking photographs, it’s very good to start off with a particular idea in mind so you have something to focus on even if you end up changing the idea later, it’s always great to start off with a particular idea in mind.

– The Bell Sisters

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