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3 Amazing Ways to Use Sunflares

You have most likely seen our incredibly popular Sunflares Pack being used in many of our photographs. We love using them to  light up photographs by adding realistic looking sunlight, on those days where the light is either dull or the sun isn’t at the right place at the right time!sunsun

In this blog post we are going to show you how you can use The Sunflares Pack to create amazing light in your photographs, by showing you how we have used them to get the very best outcome and where we place them in order to flatter the each photograph.

Sunflare Example #1

In the first example we used The Sunflares Pack and placed the sunflare  on the top part of the photograph, so that the sunflare is peaking through/shining down on the nest to give the photograph added interest and depth.


Sunflare Example #2

For this photograph we used a different sunflare, which has more obvious sun rays and positioned it where there was a gap in the trees, where had there had been real sunlight it would have been there, therefore making the sunflare in this photograph look very realistic and natural.

The best way to work out where you should place sunflares is to ask your self where it would look most natural, then keep moving it around the image until you find that perfect place for it.


Sunflare Example #3

Although this example is different to the one above, the idea is same, before I took this photograph I opened one of the doors in the distance, so I could then later add the sunflare to having it peaking through the door in order to add a summer evening feeling to the photograph.

14217631319_83c686bc05_o (1)

How To Get The Sunflares Pack

The Sunflares Pack is easily available to get on our website, and you can start with our very popular “Starter” pack if you’re nervous about trying something new. You can always upgrade at any time without paying twice.sunsun

Click the link below to get it and to see the before and afters:

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Rosanna L'Estrange-Bell


  • I use f22 1/50 sec and iso 100 for sunflairs will That still work when you have a person in the shot your taking?

    • Sasha Bell says:

      Hi Cherrie,

      Yes, the sunflares will work for photographs with these setting, no problem at all. 🙂

      – The Bell Sisters

  • Can I soften or tone down the sun flares using Lightroom?

    • Sasha Bell says:

      Hi Jean,

      Yes you can tone down the sunflares. But you can’t do this Lightroom, you can do this in Photoshop or Gimp or any other program that allows you to edit layers. 🙂

      – The Bell Sisters

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