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3 Aspects of Portrait Photography I Wish I Knew When I First Started.

1. How To Get Good Focus

Watching the Sunset ♥

Getting the focus right for portraits can be tricky, so often I would think the model was in focus, just to find out later when I downloaded my photographs that they weren’t quite 100% in focus.

If you can’t get the focus right quickly you will probably miss out on a special moment, and get hugely frustrated as well. So when you look through your camera, and focus – give it that little bit more thought, and try to focus on something which is important. Such as the person’s eye or eyelashes… that tends to get the best results.

For more detail and tips on how to hold your DSLR, and what settings to use on your DSLR to get the fastest reaction from your camera, take a look at HOT Tips for Your Outdoors Portraits eBook – the tips recommended in this eBook can also be applied to indoor portraits.

2. The Right Lenses To Use


It is essential to use the correct lenses for portraits, so you get the most flattering photograph of your model. In the beginning I tried many different lenses for my portraits, but if I had known from the start which ones to use, it would have made everything a lot easier. Plus when starting to purchase equipment, this can be a huge help.

For more information on this topic, read this OTHER blog post: My Top 3 Lenses For Portrait Photography

3. How To Get Dreamy Light

Ace of Hearts

Don’t you just love portraits with dreamy, golden light? It makes the portraits look much better, warmer and with more feeling.

I often get asked how I get such pretty light in my portraits, the answer is I use “The Sunflares Pack”  which is a fantastic way to add warmth to a portrait, when the light was flat and dull.

I also go outside in the late-afternoon, just before the sun goes down. Usually the sun can be beautiful then in portraits, and really soften the mood.

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