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3 Do Nots When Uploading Photography Online

Written by Sasha Bell

One of the things that really helped me when I first started photography was to know certain “do nots” when uploading my photographs.

This not only helped me to improve quickly, it also meant that when I looked back at older photographs, I didn’t go “ughhh!” when I looked at them later on, down the line etc…

So in this blog post I’m going to share with you some really important tips when it comes to uploading your photography online.

Raspberries in Heart Shape

Raspberries in Heart Shape

1. Do Not Upload Unfinished Photographs

There are certain aspects you need to pay attention to with each photograph before you upload it – kind of like a check list…

You need to tick each box so that you can build up a following on photo sharing websites and create a hight quality collection of photographs from each photoshoot.

So what you need to do is:-

(1 check the photograph is completely straight, if it’s not then correct it in Lightroom or whatever program you use to straighten photographs.

(2 check to see if it’s 100% in focus, don’t upload a blurry photograph – no matter how good the light may be or how special the moment is, if it’s blurry put in the bin!

(3 check it’s not over or underexposed.



2. Do Not Upload Similar Photographs

Don’t dilute your photography by uploading photographs that are so similar that other people can’t tell the difference between the photographs…  that doesn’t mean to say you can’t upload multiple photographs from each photoshoot, you just need to make sure they have a different composition, or a different perspective etc, something which gives them a reason to also be uploaded.

Here are two photographs that would be too similar to upload:

Too Similar to Upload...

Too Similar to Upload…

When you look at these two photograph for long enough you will notice some very slight changes, but over all both are too similar to upload.

Now I’m going to show you an example of two photographs that were taken in the same photoshoot and are different enough to upload online.

Different Enough to Upload

Different Enough to Upload

Are you starting to get the idea?

Often people will upload 5/15 photographs that look the same, this doesn’t work because it takes away the impact of the one photograph. You don’t want your photographs to blend together, you want them to stand out and really “WOW” people.

3. Do Not Weaken Your Portfolio

Lets say you are a landscape photographer or a portrait photographer, don’t make the mistake of uploading something very random, like a blurry photograph of you at a halloween party… I’m obviously you giving you an extreme example here…! But my point is don’t confuse your followers with totally random photographs.

It might seem like a small tip, but I see this happen a lot and fixing these mistakes only get you closer to becoming a successful photographer! Mostly if I follow someone because they take gorgeous portraits, if they then upload tons of holiday snaps, I’m going to unfollow them… so beware of this.

Flying Free

Flying Free

We hoped you enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful – if you did, feel free to leave a comment below or ask us any questions you might have so that we can answer them in a another blog post!

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Sasha Bell


  • Good advice.
    Another ‘do not’ is don’t upload too many at once. I don’t upload more than three a day to Flickr/ipernity/500px and try to vary them.

  • I have been reading several of your articles and I thought I will leave a Short Reply: Thanks =)

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