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3 Gorgeous Ways to Use The Snow Textures Pack

Written by Sasha Bell

Whether you have a  fresh layer of snow or just frosty cold weather, we are going to show you in this blog post, 3 gorgeous ways to use The Snow Textures Pack to achieve beautiful winter photographs with snow that looks so realistic you won’t believe your eyes!

One of the reasons our processing products are so unique is because we only sell what we use, and each processing tool is tested on countless of photographs to ensure you get the best results with the highest quality possible.

Take a look at these examples below!

Example #1

Sometimes when you take photographs in the snow, the results can be disappointing because of a couple of different reasons such as, if the snow falls too close to the lens, which it does, you can miss quite a lot of shots because the snow blurs out your subject, like a white blob!

Another reason it can be hard is if you are using auto-focus it will constantly change from focusing on your subject to focusing on the snow itself and one of the main reasons we love using The Snow Textures Pack so much is because you can use them to add MORE snow in all the right places on your photographs.

So when it has snowed over night, you can go out and take photographs then add the snow later once you have downloaded them. This photograph below is a prime example of how we used the snow textures, in particular we used a “snow blizzard” type texture to really enhance this photograph.


Example #2

Here we have another portrait example, however as you can see it’s very different from the first example, the snow is much smaller and more subtle with less motion which suits this portrait very well,  the snow textures pack has up to 18 different types of snow to suit every style and occasion thus making each photograph look unique.


Example #3

Here we used a stronger snow texture, this is a great example of how we The Snow Textures Pack on a photograph which has more frost, than snow to begin with, however the texture is still very effective, so if have photographs that look cold, frosty, or even just a tiny layer of snow you can use these textures to get beautiful results.


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