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3 Life Altering Reasons to Start a 365 Photography Project now.

Written by Sasha Bell

1. It’s The FASTEST Way To Improve

When we look at the beginning of our 365 project(s) it’s unbelievable how much this project transformed our photography at an extremely  fast pace. When you take photographs everyday it improves your photography skills like nothing else…

Freedom - Day 205/365

2. Endless Inspiration

It’s so easy to feel uninspired,  it happens to all of us…

The great thing about a 365 Project is it gives you endless ideas and inspiration, of course there are days when you might feel completely stuck, but that’s why we wrote “HOW TO: 365 Photography Project eBook” – it’s there to help you conquer everything.

But the main thing about a 365 Project is that it helps you like you won’t believe. You’ll “understand” what we’re saying, but once you see it for yourself, once you experience it, you’ll know what we’re talking about…!

Delicious Cupcakes - Day 202/365

3. It Will Build Up Your Portfolio

If you want to QUICKLY build up your portfolio, this project is the best way to do it.

When you complete the project not only will you get 365 photographs,  it is more like 500+ photographs because there will be days when you will most likely take outtakes from each or every other day.

A Picturesque Ending - Day 365/365

Start Your Own Project! Just jump in…

So, if you’re like me, and you want to build up your photography portfolio, challenge yourself, and give yourself an opportunity to  try new things, then I cannot recommend a photography project more.

Whether you want to take on the big challenge of a 365 Days Project, or so
mething a little less time-consuming, such as a 260 Days Project, or 52 Days Project… it’s all possible!

In our HOW TO: 365 Photography Project eBook, we share in 80 pages the complete and ultimate guide to the achieving a 365 Project — inside we cover the following:-

  • How to complete a 365 Project when you have a busy schedule. Insider hacks to help you achieve a stunning 365 project.
  • How YOU can create an incredible portfolio to build a business. What to do when you’re feeling ill during your 365 project.
  • How to GET INSPIRED when you’ve lost your spark. How to complete your 365 project with a 9-5+ job. Workflow secrets, Composition techniques & Photoshop tricks
  • Tools for your Portfolio, Tips on creativity,
  • How to take indoor and outdoor photography,
  • How to feel and stay inspired, What to do in bad weather conditions, What to do when you have no time in your day

book-ssIn this eBook you will learn how to achieve your own 365 Project directly from The Bell Sisters’ who have achieved a total of 6 individual 365 projects theirselves.

For more information on this ebook and how it will help you – click here: HOW TO: 365 Photography Project eBook:

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