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3 Things You Should Never Do With Your Photography

Written by Sasha Bell

1. Never Forget to Import Photographs

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If you don’t always import your photographs to your computer, it’s probably because you’re either not satisfied with them, you might be upset because they haven’t turned out how you planned, or you simply just forgot to import them.

Whatever the reason is, it’s something you should never not do, because you won’t always know if you have some “good” photographs on your camera, until you look at them on your computer close-up.

But even if you’re right, and you haven’t got anything that is worth saving, it’s important to look at them to figure out what didn’t look right, so you can improve next time.

In our HOW TO: 365 Photography Project eBook one of the many things we teach you is our Fast and EFFECTIVE Workflow Techniques, which will help you quickly filter through your photographs so importing and processing them doesn’t take up too much time.

2. Never Compare Yourself To Other Photographers

It can be very easy to compare yourself to other photographers and feel like your photography isn’t good enough – especially if you’re new to photography.

Never, ever do this because it won’t help you become a better photographer, in fact it will only make you feel deflated. Instead of comparing yourself and your work to others, get inspired by them!

Look at the photographs that you love and work out how you can implement those qualities and turn them into your own style… for example, if you love a photographers composition techniques, learn from them.

See what’s good about their composition and then you’ll be able to learn and improve further. Your photography will never end up looking the same, but sometimes looking at other photographers work can inspire you to find your own unique style.

This way you’re turning a negative feeling into a positive one, by learning from them instead of just comparing your work to others in a negative way.

3. Never Take Long Breaks

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Another thing to avoid is taking long breaks with your photography. It’s important to keep it ticking along in order to continue learning and stay inspired, the longer you leave your camera in a cupboard untouched, the harder it will be to pick it up.

Some people don’t pick up their camera because they’re waiting for the perfect weather conditions… but you don’t need always need sun, or golden hour light to take beautiful photographs.

The second reason some people wait too long is because they’re waiting for inspiration. Do not wait for inspiration. Inspiration finds you working – the best way to get inspired is to start taking photographs, or create a list of ideas. I know from experience that this makes a huge, huge difference!

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Sasha Bell


  • Thanks for all your helpful hints!! If you all ever get to Florida, look us up!

  • Great post! I often have such trouble with comparing myself to other photographers that I finally removed all of them from my friends list and news feed. I only have photographers on my news feed that truly inspire me and motivate me to do better things!

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