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4 Portrait Tips for Beginners

Written by Sasha Bell

1. Set Yourself up for Success.

One of the many quotes we like to have in the forefront of our minds is to “Set Yourself Up for Success” in other words, prepare and plan so your successful – rather than hope the photographs are going to turn out well, do everything you know you can do before you actually take the photographs.


2. Use The Right Lenses

For Portraits we are very particular about what lenses we use, because there are many lenses that can distort the way the model looks.

Other lenses are either too close or too far away. So we like to use the Canon EOS 85mm 1.2 Lens on a regular basis because it’s fantastic for many different portraits.

To find out what other lenses we use for portraits, check out this blog post: My Top 3 Lenses for Portrait Photography:


3. Have a Back Up Plan

It’s good to have more than 1 idea up your sleeve, sometimes no matter how hard we try, things can change… it might suddenly rain and therefore you can’t do your original idea. Although this kind of situation is frustrating, it’s not so bad if you have a backup plan – a 2nd and 3rd idea.

For example, let’s say you want to photograph your sister and your dog together, but it doesn’t work… Try breaking the idea down into something else, like try photographing the dog by itself, or get your sister to hold some flowers in her hands, or photograph the dog lying down near the flowers.

Attempt to juggle your first idea around into something else that still resembles the first idea, that way you won’t feel disappointed because you captured something just as beautiful!

We always work on having a back up plan, so we avoid wasting time, and the effort we put into our first idea, can be utilized and transferred to the second and third ideas.


4. Post-Processing

Good portrait processing is extremely important because when the processing is bad, it not only detracts from the photograph, it actually makes the portrait look worse.

This is why we have spent so much of our time making processing easy AND beautiful at the same time.

If you want to make your portraits look the best they can with limited time involved. We suggest you try out favourite Lightroom Preset for Portraits, the Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset Pack:

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