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4 Rules I Follow When Taking Indoor Photos

1. Use A Reflector

If you don’t already use a reflector for your indoor photographs, then we highly recommend you do – it makes a massive difference and once you see the way it reduces unwanted shadows, you won’t be able to go back to not using one.

If you are taking indoor portraits, then we suggest  using a large reflector. If you are photographing food/still life, then you will only need a small/medium sized reflector which you can easily buy from Amazon, which is where we got ours from. Or simply google “hand held reflector”.

2. Use The Right lens

Very often there is not enough light indoors for us to be able to use lenses that don’t have an aperture any wider than f/2.0. There needs to be bright light for us to even consider using a lens that with a lowest aperture of f/2.8.

What we mean by using the right lens is, we only like to use certain lenses indoors that have an aperture of f/1.8 or better yet f/1.2. The reason we feel it is so important, is using a wide aperture allows SO much more light in which means you don’t have to use ISO — or if you do, it won’t be a lot.

Using too much ISO can greatly affect the quality of a photograph due to the added noise/grain it creates -f so it’s a huge bonus if you don’t use it to lighten your indoor photographs.

3. Natural Light

Natural light is the best type of light – personally we feel no artificial light can compare to it…

It is far, far more flattering for every subject, not just portraits but for food, /still life as well so unless you absolutely have to, try your best not to break this rule for indoor photography and stick to natural light.

4. Indoor Processing

When it comes to processing indoor photographs, it is much harder than processing outdoor photographs, even if you use natural light it can be very difficult to achieve the effect you want.

It has taken us many hours to accomplish the beautiful indoor processing techniques which we have produced and made available for anyone to use with our Indoor Lightroom Preset Pack:-

Which we have also made available for Adobe Photoshop: Indoor Photoshop Action Pack:

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