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5 Reasons We Love The Pro Lightroom Preset

Written by Sasha Bell


1. Variety of Presets

We always talk about how important it is to have a variety of Lightroom Presets to choose from, so that you have the ability to process photographs that will often require different types of editing.

It’s also very useful because it keeps your style exciting and fresh and stopping one from settling on the only presets they have available to them, which limits the variety that keeps photography hot and spicy! 😉

2. Extremely Versatile


Another reason we love the Pro Lightroom Preset Pack is how amazing it looks on many different subjects ranging from Portraits, Landscape, Still Life, Animals and Nature.

On top of this, it works for all 4 seasons which it makes it even more versatile and fabulous!


3. A Great Taster

If you have never tried our Lightroom Presets before, it is one of the best preset packs to start with, it has amazing value and with a total of 20 presets to choose from.

These Lightroom Presets give you the ability to process your photographs with effort and ease with plenty of punchy styles.


4. Dreamy and Airy Effects

If you take a look at the before and afters of this preset pack on its page:-

You will see what we mean when we talk about the remarkable “dreamy” and “airy” effect this preset pack produces.

5. Batch Processing Made Easy

In one of our previous blog posts titled: The Best Lightroom Preset Pack For The Avid Photographer

We mention how if we had to pick just one preset pack for batch processing then the Pro Lightroom Preset Pack takes the cake.

The reason it is fantastic for batch processing is because the effects are significant yet versatile to see you through large quantity of photographs.


Get The Pro Lightroom Preset Pack


This preset pack is compatible with all versions of Adobe Lightroom.

For before and afters examples of this brand new preset pack visit its page here:

Get a Taster of our Lightroom Presets

Download our FREE Radiant Glow Lightroom Preset

– This Lightroom Preset works for a wide variety of subjects, including portraits, nature, animals, landscape etc

– Download this Radiant Glow Lightroom Preset to get a taster of how fantastic The Bell Sisters’ Lightroom Presets are to use on your photography.

Below is a before and after of Radiant Glow Lightroom Preset:

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