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6 Instant Modelling Confidence Boosters

Written by Sasha Bell

1 . Look Your Best

The best way to feel and look more confident when you’re modelling is to get yourself dressed up and ready by first picking your most flattering outfit, styling your hair, applying your make-up, jewellery etc.

It’s really important to do this because If you don’t feel and look beautiful before you start modelling you won’t have the confidence you need to portray how you want to look in the photographs.

By doing this, not only will you double your chance of looking great in portraits, you will also psych yourself up to feeling confident and assured.


2. Practice in front of a mirror

Whether you are new to modelling or have been doing a little bit on the side, don’t throw yourself in the deep end,  start by practising in front of the mirror to learn what angles work for you and learn what poses are most flattering for you.

This doesn’t take long to do but is most definitely worth implementing, this way you won’t have to completely rely on the photographer to tell you what to do and they can easily get it wrong depending on how good they are at photographing and directing at the same time, also you won’t necessarily like how you look under their instruction.

3. Think Positive Whilst Modelling

When you’re posing, don’t start thinking self critical comments, or wonder if you look good while the photographs are being taken, doing this immediately shows a lack of confidence and uncertainty.

Instead, think how happy and amazing you look even though if it might seem fake do it anyway – you will definitely see the difference once you do this, the more you practice thinking positively, the more real and easy it will become.


4. Pick The Right Photographer

When you get a photographer who knows how to make you look and feel good in front of of the camera, rather than a bad one that puts you off by getting frustrated or impatient if you don’t get it right straight away.

Make sure you choose someone who doesn’t put you under too much pressure and who’s style of photography you really like so that you will like the photographs they take of you.

5. Check The Photographs

One very common mistake that happens a lot, is photographers don’t show you what the photographs look like half way through the photoshoot.

We always have a look at them a least once or twice to see if there is anything we don’t like, or if there is something we need to change, so we can then fix it right then and there, opposed to being disappointed later because you didn’t correct/adjust something in the photograph when you could have.


6.  Keep It Short and Sweet

Don’t make it too hard, confidence comes from short and sweet practice, it’s better to keep the photoshoots short rather than long-winded that often leave you feeling deflated and tried.

By keeping the sessions short, you continue to keep yourself inspired and motivated to get better at modelling.

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