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7 Most Popular Photographs Processed with the Winter Lightroom Preset

Written by Sasha Bell

During the winter the months we process a large amount of our photographs with the Winter Lightroom Preset it has everything you need in a Lightroom Preset to suit your photographs, to create a cool wintery effect with gorgeous depth and crispness  which is extremely  flattering whether it’s used on portraits, animals, landscape, nature or still life.

For more details on this fabulous Lightroom Preset click here:

And not only is it amazing for winter photographs it’s helped our photographs become more popular by producing better processing.

Here are the 7 most popular photographs that were processed with this Winter Lightroom Preset








The Winter Lightroom Preset

All of these photographs were processed with the Winter Lightroom Preset if you liked the type processing in the photographs above you can achieve the exact same result by using this Lightroom Preset.

We very often combine this Lightroom Preset with our Snow Textures Pack together this creates a stunning winter wonderland look that will make your photographs look even more exciting and beautiful!

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