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7 Ways to Take Better Horse Photographs

Have you ever found it tricky photographing horses? They always look so beautiful to the eye, yet they can look quite odd in photographs if they’re not photographed correctly.

The question is… How do you make them look good in photographs? How should you frame them, what is too close and What is too far away?

In this blog post we are going to show you 7 ways to take better horses photographs, so lets begin!

1. Get the Horse to Look Interested

If you have taken photographs of horses before, you will know that having their ears forward is essential, they need to look interested. They don’t necessarily need to be looking at you, they can be looking just to the left or right of you.

The way to get their ears forward is to shake something in the air that rattles, then be quick to photograph them as the moment doesn’t always last for very long!

Palomino Horses

2. Get Perfect Focus

Getting the perfect focus can be easy when the horse(s) are standing still but when they are trotting or even cantering, it can be a bit challenging.

If you look at the photograph below of the horses moving, you’ll see the focus is great. In order to get perfect focus for moving horses, we use a fast shutter speed.

The faster the shutter speed, the less chance of any blurriness. And the faster the horses are moving, the faster the shutter speed will need to be.

 Ace of Diamonds and Hearts - Day 59/365

3. Equine Portraits

One of the great ways to photograph horses is close up, the key to doing it right is to photograph the horse on the angle.

Take a look at the photograph below – the angle is really good because it’s not too “head on”, the framing isn’t too close either.

Inquisitive Horse

4. Include Horses In Portraits

Make your horse photographs more exciting by photographing them with a model. It can take a bit of practice to get both the model and the horse to look good at the same time – so to begin with just try it with one horse, and then after some practice you can try two or more.

The goal is to have the horse(s) facing the model. You can try using a carrot or some treats if necessary, to keep them interested.

Two Chestnut Horses with Blazes - Day 265/365

6. Get Close Up

A great way to photograph horses is to take some close-ups of their ears, eyes or their muzzle.

A great time to take a close up of a horses muzzle is on a cold winters morning in order to catch their breath, or in the afternoon when their whiskers catch the sunlight.

7. Herd of Horses

Photographing a herd of horses really works too – by photographing more than one horse it adds more depth to the photograph and creates a different feeling. Go out and see if you can catch moments of them together, when they’re playing, sniffing each other or even just grazing together.

Sometimes photographing a herd can be quite easy too – as they’ll often set up the photograph for you! For example I was out with my camera taking photographs and suddenly the horses all lined up like this…

Herd of Horses

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  • Olivia thank you so very much for giving us the knowledge you have acquired on horse photography. All of your images are so inspiring to us. I have watched you grow over these years both in photography and how you put your company together. The most beautiful and intelligent 3 young woman on the web in photography.

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