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Mouthwatering Processing for Food Photography

Written by Sasha Bell

If you take a lot of indoor food shots, you will know that getting the processing right is one of the most important things when it comes to taking great food photography.

So often the processing can either make or break the photograph and when you spend a lot of time setting everything up i. e. arranging the food, working out where the best light, choosing the right angle etc.

Making sure the processing does the photograph justice is beyond crucial.

When we process our own food photographs indoors, we always find ourselves using the Indoor Lightroom Preset Pack

It produces beautifully balanced tones whilst adding great body colour brilliance to the food.

Check out the before and afters for this preset on it’s page here:- Indoor Lightroom Preset Pack

Photographs Using The Indoor Preset

Here are some more photographs that have been processed with Indoor Lightroom preset . Notice how it looks good on all types of different  food photographs.




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 Reviews for indoor Lightroom Preset Pack

“This is a beautiful preset, it looks fabulous on my photographs and I love all the different versions, the tones and setting are exactly what I was looking for.” – Nicole, from the US

“I got this the instant you released it on your website it just looked so good on the images you shared and I am happy to say it looks GREAT on mine too! – Lisa, from the UK 

“I L.OV.E this Lightroom Preset. It makes my pictures look so dreamy and perfect, I take a lot of photographs inside so when I found this preset I was so exciting” – Ed, from UK 

“I’m a bit addicted to this preset… It’s amazing! I used to hate processing but now I can’t stop, it’s too much fun seeing the difference it makes to my photography. – Joy, from the UK

Get “Indoor Lightroom Preset” for Your Photography Today:-

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