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8 Examples of How to Photograph Landscape Portraiture

Written by Sasha Bell

Combining Portraits and Landscape together is a really fabulous way to combine beautiful landscape scenes in your portraits… and likewise if you prefer to take landscape photography – you can add some interest by incorporating a person into the view! Landscape Portraiture is incredibly beautiful – but like all types of photography – they require good and interesting perspectives/composition to make the two things “fit” together.

8 Examples Showcased Below

This was taken with a head-on view of the models back – with a very soft aperture to make this sunset landscape portrait dreamy and soft. It was also taken from quite a low perspective to try and capture exactly how it looked from the model’s point of view…

Taken similarly to the above photograph – with the same idea in mind – just with a further away and more distant composition.

This is wonderful because you can see more of the landscape surrounding the model and that blissful moment of reflection is captured beautifully – using the rule-of-thirds balance the photograph well. It helps to always have the model looking into the empty space or straight again – make sure the model’s face is facing the correct way when using the rule-of-thirds.

It just gets better and better… there are more and more ways to vary these photographs by incorporating more than one person – or animals in the shots! They’re incredibly sweet moments which are just precious and totally natural even though it may be posed for initially!

A slightly closer and more personal composition – this works particularly well with more substantial landscape scenes to help balance it out. Taken using an aperture of f/2.8 to help preserve a bit of detail in the distance as the headland adds gorgeous detail.

Sunset landscape portraiture is always stunning – this was taken with a  particularly low perspective – which made the grass in the foreground blurred out created a “cosy” feeling to the openspace.

Beautifully framed in the centre – breaking the rule of following the rule-of-thirds rule for these landscape portraiture photographs! These work best taken in-action rather than trying to freeze-pose for them. Use a quick shutter speed to prevent blurriness.

This is a fantastic example of how adding a model to landscape photographs can make such a difference. The golden barley field is stunning – but is lacking any additional interest or view beyond – so incorporating a model into it makes a huge difference.

Taken similarly to the photograph above with the sea and headland in the distance – but still keeping it somewhat anonymous without the model’s face visible. This is a really great angle and composition to place with if you’re looking for more interest with more of a silhouette outline.

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