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A Truth: A Common Story, The Solution

When someone picks up a DSLR for the first time, there’s this amazing feeling – the thought and belief that you can do anything with this amazing piece of technology, and capture the most phenomenal photographs with it, whatever they may be.

!!jumpThis feeling lasts for all of 30 minutes. Why?

It starts to disappears when the camera doesn’t capture what you see… but that feeling hasn’t totally disappeared because you hope you can get it right… So you fiddle with the DSLR, tweak a few things and try again.

This process repeats over and over again, until you get fed up, and put the DSLR down, feeling frustrated.

If you’re persistent, you will probably go and seek advice in the form of books, or online, courses etc…

However there is so much jargon out there – not misinformation, but technical talk-talk, which means little to anyone, unless you’re a professional.

Technical jargon is what stops so many potential photographers reach their goals — whether your goal is to capture fabulous portraits, landscapes, or great family photos — or even create a photography based business.

The thing that is largely missed is that photography is art.

It’s ART – not mathematics or some other form of calculation!

The first, and most important thing to do is work visually — rather than talk about the numerous settings you can use, talk first about what 3 settings you need to adjust (easily) to capture photographs that are aesthetically pleasing.

No amount of explanation on how the camera works, will make you capture fabulous photographs.

What WILL help you, is knowing exactly which settings to use to get the correct light balance, and colour tones. Then what to do if they’re wrong — then additional advice for when you’re ready to explore and push your photography further.

We originally started to help photographers and teach beginners that learning how to become a great photographer is not as hard as it seems with our eBook Photography Tips. The Photography Tips eBook was a huge success and an international hit since it was released in 2010.

Four years on, with 4 more years of knowledge, and the platform of Photography Tips eBook, we started working on a new, far superior eBook, which we released after months of work.

The NEW eBook is: The Bell Sisters DSLR Blueprint eBook — which now covers more areas of photography, a greater explanation on the basics, and professional levels of photography, what not to do, what to do, how to become a professional, how to sell your photographs, and how to capture brilliant photographs in all types of niches – like portraits, still life, food, landscape, action, jump photography and more.

The Bell Sisters’ DSLR Blueprint eBook:- is going to be one of the most invaluable items in your ‘camera bag’ — it will save you thousands of hours, and an unbelievable amount of money on equipment, and more than anything… the sheer pain of not being able to capture what you see.

With this eBook in your hands, you will have the ultimate power — your DSLR at your fingertips, able to capture what you want, what you see, how you see it, when you want, without painfully struggling because you haven’t got the right piece of information.


Order your copy of “DSLR Blueprint” here:-

Bonus: to GUARANTEE you are happy, we offer a 1 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on this eBook. This means that if for any reason you’re unhappy with the eBook, you can get a refund for the eBook. More info here:

Take action right NOW. You have no risk, and everything to gain.

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Olivia L'Estrange-Bell - English, 23yrs. Entrepreneur. Digital Products. Photographs for License. Fund Raising

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