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Are You Too Clever For Photography?

Written by Sasha Bell

15107285315_9aaa97e136_oWhy You Shouldn’t Get Too Technical

When I first started taking photographs I seriously wanted to improve my photography,  yet I found it constantly confusing! 

I would read magazine articles, books and talk to professional photographers, only to be left confused… every time.

It was all so technical. All I really wanted was to know how to take a good photograph!

Flash forward to being pro, it’s easy to see how beginners get too caught up in the technical side of photography and then it takes them a long time to achieve what they sought after to do, which is to be able to take photographs that are aesthetically beautiful.

When you get too technical and focus too much on the geeky side of things – it prevents you from developing your artistic eye and learning what does and doesn’t look good. This is where you start to really improve the quality of your photography.

How To Stop Complicating It

Stop thinking about everything you think you need to know and instead start observing what makes a photograph truly captivating and eye catching – then try to apply the same look to your own photographs.

By doing this you will become much more pro-active towards your photography and improve a lot faster at improving when you stop focusing solely on the technical side of it.


Why This is More Important Than You May think

Most photographers overemphasise on the settings, instead of making them simple, so you can concentrate on the actual photograph and how to make it beautiful.

It is about creating a stunning photograph where anyone can appreciate the beauty of it – not just for the photographer who can see the “clever beauty” to it – where it might be an impressive capture or they used some special, technical settings to create an effect which is not actually, to a normal viewer’s eye, beautiful.


How We Teach Photography Differently

We don’t make understanding photography complicated. We show you step by step the complete inside guide for how WE take photographs.

We explain simply, what we do, why we do what we do, and why it is better.

We’ve written The Bell Sisters DLSR Blueprint eBook because we are very passionate about photography and making it easy to understand and master.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing, in this ebook we cover all that you could possibly need to get the same results we get time and time again.

Here are just a few to example of the information you will get from us in this ebook below:

  • HOW to use your DSLR on Manual Mode How to Adjust your Shutter Speed according to each situation.
  • How to adjust your Aperture – and WHEN to adjust it. How to adjust your ISO – why, and how. Plus tips to avoid graininess
  • How to use MANUAL on your DSLR effortlessly to immediately produce stunning photographs straight after reading this eBook.
  • How to take INDOOR & OUTDOOR photographs with your DSLR on Manual Mode
  • What you need to know to take a beautiful, properly exposed photograph What NOT to do with your DSLR on a daily basis.
  • How to quickly grasp the fundamental techniques to produce professional photographs.

With this ebook in your hands the possibilities are true endless.

This DSLR Blueprint eBook is packed with “easy to grasp” simple to understand tips and techniques that will very quickly change the way you use your DSLR and give you outstanding results that you will love and adore.

For more information on this ebook and how it will help you. Click here: The DSLR Blueprint eBook:

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