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Autumn Whipped Up In 24 Photographs

Written by Sasha Bell

When we first started photography, it took us awhile to work out how to get our photographs to have those beautiful eye catching colours without looking powering or unrealistic.

So we spent many, many hours in Lightroom adjusting and editing our processing until we finally created presets that make our photographs stand out whilst also being versatile enough to work time and time again to make editing quick and satisfying.

And when it comes to Autumn photography we rely heavily on our presets to produce those striking and vibrant colours that we all adore at this time of year.

In this blog post we have picked out 24 photographs showcasing our bestselling Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset Pack on a wide range of different photographs taken in the Autumn.

Scroll down to start viewing the photographs below.
























Reviews for Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset Pack

  • “I’ve been searching for lighroom presets that are actually good and that will make my photographs look better unlike so many that make them look ugly! When I came across the bell sisters photography I just fell in love with their style of editing and knew I had to give their presets ago and i’m so happy I did because the presets are brilliant, very refined and a joy to use… There isn’t a single one I don’t like and that is saying something from someone who has tried a LOT! So I’m veryyy happy!” – Mary
  • “This was my second purchase from The Bell Sisters and I must say it did not disappoint! They are gorgeous presets and unlike any others I have tried, they really flatter my photographs and make them look more beautiful. :)” – Kitty 
  • This Lightroom preset has done wonders for me, it saves me loads of time and the results are GREAT! I mostly take portraits & still life. I haven’t found a single photograph that this preset doesn’t work on. It makes me SO happy. – Lauren
  • This whipped cream lightroom preset is stunning!!! I absolutely adore the effect it has on my pictures, totally worth the price and more! – Lucy

Get Your Copy Of The Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset Packwhippedcreamlightroom

Ultimately our most powerful Lightroom Preset, which processes photographs beautifully, with a uniquely striking signature style, that is both natural, yet remarkably powerful.

This preset pack is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC.

Start using the Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset on your own photographs, available in 3 different packages easily available for instant download.

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