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Best Lightroom 5 Presets for Portraits

Portraits are some of the most emotive and beautiful photographs you can take… so why not have specifically designed Lightroom 5 Presets to enhance their qualities?!

We have very specific Lightroom 5 Presets for Portraits, and here in this blog post I would like to share with you what my Best Lightroom 5 Presets for Portraits are, and how I use them every day with my photography.

So, here’s a list of my favourites, the best Lightroom 5 Presets I’ve been using in 2014..

HappinessWhat Lightroom 5 Presets I use…

Here in the UK we have 4 seasons and the light, colours and tones change all the time. This means what presets I choose to use varies, however there are some Lightroom 5 Presets which I use non-stop, throughout the year.

The following presets are aimed at all year round photography, and also more specifically, spring and summer portraits.

However, everything I use, and my sisters use, is available on this website –  after all, “we only sell, what we use”… so if something doesn’t work for us, we won’t release it.

The Best Lightroom 5 Presets I use for my portraits:-

This incredible preset has quickly become my first choice, along with many hundreds of photographers all over the world. It is remarkable in the way that it processes, with clean, yet vibrant colours and split colouring.

It works on close portraits, distant portraits, and anything ranging from still life, to mountains… you name it.

This preset pack (which is available in a KING Package) is the most valuable preset I know of – so if you do not have it, I urge you… get it! Your life will be a much happier one!

Spring time

The above photo was processed using Whipped Cream / King Pack

Another one of our favourite presets for portraits, is our very  popular Natural Colours Lightroom Preset

It is the best Lightroom 5 preset for portraits, particularly when the light is cold and flat. Take a look at the before and afters you will see how it adds a lovely glow to your photographs too.

Not only will it make your portraits look beautiful, it works for every season i. e. winter, spring summer & autumn photography.

This Lightroom Preset is simply a “must have” it enhance the colours in your photograph to make them look gorgeous while allowing  you to process your photographs with a click of a button.

Spring Portrait - Day 258/365

The above photo was processed using Natural Colours Lightroom Preset Pack

The name pretty much says it all. I love using it on my more “chilly” photographs because it makes the whole photograph light up and have that wonderful warm-summer feel to it whenever I use it.

The golden tones really adds warmth to my photographs and bring out the best of the tones too.

Here is another recent photograph, processed with the very popular Golden Colouring!

Pretty In Pink II

The above photo was processed with a Lightroom 5 Preset: Indoor Lightroom 5 Preset

More Lightroom 5 Presets, plus Exclusive Presets for Lightroom 5

Take a look at our full range of Lightroom 5 Presets – here you will find many examples of how we use our Lightroom 5 Presets, and every preset comes with 10+ before & after images to share what a particular Lightroom 5 Preset will do.

Alternatively, go straight to our “Best Sellers Pack” if you’re unsure which is the best Lightroom 5 Preset for you.

I hope you enjoy these incredible presets for Lightroom 5 as much as we do.

Get a Taster of our Lightroom Presets

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– This Lightroom Preset works for a wide variety of subjects, including portraits, nature, animals, landscape etc

– Download this Radiant Glow Lightroom Preset to get a taster of how fantastic The Bell Sisters’ Lightroom Presets are to use on your photography.

Below is a before and after of Radiant Glow Lightroom Preset:

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