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Conquer Your Outdoor Portraits Effortlessly

Written by Sasha Bell

When it comes to taking beautiful portraits, there are many aspects that come into play, whether it is getting the right focus, styling, expression, emotion or knowing what settings you should have on your DSLR depending on each photoshoot.

It can take months, even years, before you have the right skill set to easily produce portraits of a high standard without difficulty.

We couldn’t even begin to add up the hours we have spent over the years to acquire the knowledge that we have now. So to fast track the learning time for you, we have put together our unique tips and tricks into our Hot Tips For Outdoor Portraits eBook.

It’s filled with some of our best and most used techniques that we have used for countless portraits that never cease to transform our portraits.


Take a look at the list below to see what this Hot Tips For Your Outdoor Portraits eBook has to offer you:
Inside this you ebook we cover the following:

  • How to take gorgeous outdoor portraits and without making mistakes with your exposure, focus, positioning and much more. With complex techniques explained simply, you will immediately start taking beautiful portraits.
  • How to capture gorgeous outdoor portraits, with this easy and straightforward illustrated guide, you will find DOZENS of ways to take portraits and finally get answers on why mistakes occur and what to do about them.
  • How to quickly learn where the best light is, how best to use it, and creative ways on how to use the same light in the same location time and time again, achieving different and unique results every time.
  • How to create beautiful bokeh in your outdoor portraits, even without sun.
  • Tips on how to create emotive, natural portraits and how to deal with bad weather.
  • Custom white balance tips specific for outdoor portraits.
  • The latest tips and techniques you will understand instantly for composition, framing your model, what’s flattering, and NOT flattering. Including what many photographers do wrong, and easy steps to get portraits right time and time again.
  • The hottest tips for beautiful dreamy lit portraits, plus how to photograph friends, family and professional models. Including planning tips, and much more.
  • This 41 Page eBook will give you all the information you need, which you can apply now for extremely effective Portrait photography.

With this ebook in your hands the possibilities are truly endless.

In this eBook we share our most important portrait techniques that we use without fail, on every single one of our portraits. It will prove to be one of the most beneficial and helpful eBooks you will have ever come across – it is very much to-the-point, simply outlining our favourite techniques, so you can start improving your outdoor photography portraits skills instantly!

For more information on this ebook and how it will help you – Hot Tips For Outdoor Portraita eBook:

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