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Creative Jumps To Try This Autumn

Autumn is a fabulous time to take photographs… especially Jump Photographs – something we have specialised in for a number of years now – and it’s impossible to deny that Autumn is one of the best and most creative seasons for Jump Photography!  However, it comes and goes relatively  quickly and the colours turn before you blink… so you don’t want to wait around for that inspiration to finally hit you…

So, if you’re feeling uninspired as to what particular type of jump photographs to try out this Autumn, we have some of our favourite ideas outlined below for you! Simply scroll down to get inspired!

And in case you haven’t seen yet – this week we released our brand new eBook, The Art Of Jump Photography.

It’s been a book we have wanted to write for years, because our Jump Series of photographs have changed our work and our lives so much, we wanted to share how we take them, so they can bring as much fun, happiness and joy into your life as well. If you’re wanting to expand your portfolio and learn how to take jump photographs – take a look at the eBook available here.

But let me first get started on the gorgeous ideas you can try out below…

Leaves in the Air

One gorgeous way to add a stunning autumn feel to your jump photographs is to have leaves thrown up in the air. You can either have the model hold the leaves and let go of them up them in the air… but to make it easier, if you have someone there, they can also throw leaves up in the air standing outside of the frame. We’ve used leaves in our autumn jumps photographs multiple times and they always add such a stunning touch to each photograph!

Don’t forget to find some gorgeous, vibrant coloured leaves… the more colourful they are the better!

Leg Jumps

The best season to photograph leg jumps! Search for some sweet spots where there’s enough leaves on the ground and away you go! Choose the clothes your model wears wisely though – as it’s just a leg jump, you want the jeans/dress/skirt and footwear to be creative to add a nice touch. Again, to get leaves flying up in the air – have your model hold some and when he/she jumps, make sure they try and kick some leaves up at the same time and you’ll have a seriously epic photograph at the end of it!

Autumn Avenues/Roads

It has to be said, the best location for photoshoots in general, but definitely jumps… are autumn avenues! Over the years we’ve found quite a few by chance, but you can also google them and see if there are any particularly popular ones nearby…but even if they’re not nearby – they are definitely worth a trip! Any road with a line(s) of beautiful trees will be perfect.

You can do lots of different types of jumps – but the “ballerina” jump below always looks gorgeous on a road/country lane. The three photographs below were all taken in the same location – the first being quite early autumn… and the second two much more into the autumn season, with gorgeous golden sunlight!

Add Rays of Sunshine

Autumn jumps with sunshine add such a dreamy, warm autumn afternoon feel to them – so whenever the sun is out in the autumn – go out and find a way to incorporate it into your jump photograph. It will literally light up your photographs. However, Autumn alway feels like a very short season – especially when it’s at it’s peak and the colours are their most vibrant and beautiful… which means that the sunshine isn’t always around at the right time – so when this happens, we indulge in some post-photoshoot editing with our Sunflares pack!

Below you can see that we found two gorgeous locations – with colourful trees in the background and then added an extra warm, soft glow with our sunflares pack.

Autumn Sunsets

Autumn Sunsets are absolutely unbeatable sometimes – and they certainly spice things up and make a nice change from using autumn trees/leaves alone as backdrop (although, really, those can never not be beautiful!), Autumn sunsets are amazing, so definitely incorporate these into your Autumn Jumps. Spice it up – play with silhouettes, close jumps, far away jumps… flying objects/props, more than one person etc etc.

The opportunities are endless – but whilst a sunset jump may not scream “autumn jump photograph” to you, sometimes autumn sunsets have colours/sunsets that no other season does – so make the most of it!

How To Get Started

If you’re new to jump photography, but want to know how to learn how to take jump photographs… look no further than our brand NEW eBook “The Art Of Jump Photography” – it’s something we’ve wanted to share with you for years, so we couldn’t be more excited to finally be able to answer all your questions when it comes to Jump Photography…

We explain in great depth with step by step examples showing you EXACTLY how you can take jump photographs with your camera, using our top techniques.

It is very much a to-the-point guide – our aim has been to simplify it and outline each and every tactic we use, to make it easy for you to learn.

Once you get started – be sure to send us photographs of your own jumps. We would love to see them!

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