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Every Beginner Photographer Regrets Not Doing This Sooner

Written by Sasha Bell

8103748782_6fa986db77_o-1In one of our very popular blog posts we share with you The 3 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make:

However another fundamental thing that most, if not every photographer, wishes they had done sooner is, to convert from automatic to manual mode on your DSLR.

What is Manual Mode?

Manual mode is one of the main settings on your DSLR, it makes it possible for you to manually control the shutter speed, ISO and aperture.

These settings work together to enable you to make the photographs lighter or darker by adjusting your exposure manually, as well adjusting the amount of depth of field you get which depends if you use a narrow or wide aperture.

Why You Need To Use Manual Mode

If you already use manual mode on a regular basis, then you will know and understand why it is so important that you do so, in order to improve the quality of your photography – because not only do you have more control over your DSLR, you are also able to experiment on so many different aspects.

The benefits of using Manual Mode is endless in comparison to using Automatic mode,  and we could go into great depth as to why, but to put it simply, we have outlined some of the most essential advantages you have when you use manual mode:

  • You can decide what your Focal Point is.
  • Ability to control the amount of light in your photographs.
  • You can capture MORE bokeh in your photographs by adjusting the Aperture yourself
  • You can choose if, when and how much to use the ISO setting
  • You will understand more about photography because you’re in “the driving seat” not the passenger seat.
  • You can implement your creativity and make your photographs look different and more beautiful


HOW To Start using Manual Mode Effectively

We know, it can feel daunting if you haven’t used it before, but if you follow exactly what we explain in our DSLR Blueprint eBookyou’ll find it easier and less confusing than using any other mode – plus you have ultimate control over your photograph, and you can guarantee a well exposed photograph.

Learning how to use manual mode quickly and effectively, is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all that we cover in this ebook, as you can see in the list below of what this DSLR Blueprint eBook has to offer:

  • HOW to use your DSLR on Manual Mode How to Adjust your Shutter Speed according to each situation.
  • How to adjust your Aperture – and WHEN to adjust it. How to adjust your ISO – why, and how. Plus tips to avoid graininess
  • How to use MANUAL on your DSLR effortlessly to immediately produce stunning photographs straight after reading this eBook.
  • How to take INDOOR & OUTDOOR photographs with your DSLR on Manual Mode
  • What you need to know to take a beautiful, properly exposed photograph What NOT to do with your DSLR on a daily basis.
  • How to quickly grasp the fundamental techniques to produce professional photographs.

With this ebook in your hands the possibilities are true endless.

This DSLR Blueprint eBook is packed with “easy to grasp” simple to understand tips and techniques that will very quickly change the way you use your DSLR and give you outstanding results that you will love and adore.

For more information on this ebook and how it will help you – click here: The DSLR Blueprint eBook:

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