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How I Doubled my Learning Speed With a 365 Project

Written by Sasha Bell

Before I digress into how I doubled, if not tripled, my learning speed with 365 Projects… let me first explain what it is…

What is a 365 Project?

A 365 Project is committing to taking one photograph a day for a year. In our case we are talking about 365 projects taken with a DSLR – not a mobile phone.

Our personal aim was for each photograph to be up to our best personal standards at the time. E.g. the goal was for us to feel proud of each photograph taken for the project.

Between my sisters and myself, we have completed 6 individual 365 projects.

In this blog post I have narrowed down the 3 main points that I learnt from doing these 365 projects and how these 3 points alone, rapidly shortcut the learning process it took us to master photography.



The amazing part about a 365 Project, is if you dedicate yourself to it and commit to finishing  the project, you will undoubtedly improve your photography by leaps and bounds as it did ours.

We know this for a fact, because when we look at  the beginning of our 365 project(s), it’s unbelievable just how much this project transformed our photography and knowledge at an extremely fast pace.

Allowing yourself time every day for a year, to work on your photography in the short and sweet style this project encourages you to do, is the best way we have found to evolve our photography as quickly as possible.


No Excuses

We can all make excuses for ourselves, it’s very easy to do but once you get into the habit of putting something off – in this case photography – the harder it becomes to motivate yourself or have any newfound inspiration.

The great thing is, as I mentioned previously, once you commit to a 365 project,  the idea of quitting or making an excuse one day because you just don’t feel like it won’t and shouldn’t happen, because you have made a real commitment to complete the project. Sure, some days you might be able to give it more time and others less so,  but this project enables you to keep your hand in every day which is the key thing to remember.

Additionally, the project gives you a lot more purpose and motivation to go out and take a photograph each day. It prevents you from waiting for the perfect light, good weather, good subjects…etc. The truth is, there is no better time than now.


When it comes to inspiration and creativity, we like to quote the famous Pablo Picasso when he said: “Inspiration exists but it has to find you working.” 

This quote could not be more accurate – we have found this to be the “secret” to our continuous inspiration. Only when you go out with your camera and take photographs frequently do the ideas and inspiration begin to flow.

Although a 365 can be  really quite challenging at times, it helps you become far more creative and inventive, partly due to the fact that you have to take photographs in any type weather all year round, not just when it’s a sunny beautiful day.

Some of our best photographs have been taken days with miserable weather and light – if it wasn’t for the 365 projects,  we would not have them in our portfolio.


How to Complete Your Own 365 Project

So, I have listed the pros – but undoubtedly there are some cons and challenging parts to it. Having done so many of these projects now, we have learnt a tremendous amount which has made our latest 365 projects far easier than our first ones!

In our HOW TO: 365 Photography Project eBook, we share in 80 pages the complete and ultimate guide to the achieving a 365 Project — inside we cover the following:-

  • How to complete a 365 Project when you have a busy schedule. Insider hacks to help you achieve a stunning 365 project.
  • How YOU can create an incredible portfolio to build a business. What to do when you’re feeling ill during your 365 project.
  • How to GET INSPIRED when you’ve lost your spark. How to complete your 365 project with a 9-5+ job. Workflow secrets, Composition techniques & Photoshop tricks
  • Tools for your Portfolio, Tips on creativity,
  • How to take indoor and outdoor photography,
  • How to feel and stay inspired, What to do in bad weather conditions, What to do when you have no time in your day

book-ssIn this eBook you will learn how to achieve your own 365 Project directly from The Bell Sisters’ who have achieved a total of 6 individual 365 projects theirselves.

For more information on this ebook and how it will help you – click here: HOW TO: 365 Photography Project eBook:

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