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How To Create Beautiful Black and White Photographs

Written by Sasha Bell

Happiness - Day 255/365
Have you ever taken a photograph, only to find all the normal colour processing techniques just don’t bring out its best qualities?!

Sometimes we find that photographs can look ten times better in black and white… of course this varies depending on the light/the colours in the photograph, but when black and white “works” it can look absolutely stunning.

However, it’s not necessarily easy to process a photograph in black and white beautifully…

In fact I often see poorly edited black and white photographs… many of them are missing certain editing techniques which bring out the fantastic life of black and white photography.

Now you might think black and white is simple but it’s just as much of an art as colour processing. Possibly even harder, because the eye is so very critical. 

When we create our Lightroom Presets we spend hours and hours to get it 100% perfect and therefore make each photograph look the best it possibly can.

We took on the challenge of creating a truly remarkable Lightroom Preset pack , which is titled “Premium Black and White Lightroom Preset Pack” which now processes all and any of our photographs that we process in black and white!

This is our most advanced Black and White Lightroom Preset Package – with a total of 21 versions it will give you the “click and finish” I. e. with one click your photographs will be processed and finished with no additional editing needed.

What This Lightroom Presets Looks Like…

Below our a few of many photographs processed with this Lightroom Preset Pack.

To see the before and afters of this Lightroom Preset Pack go to it’s page:-

Premium Black & White Lightroom Preset Pack

Summertime Love

Jump, jump, jump - Day 256/365

Dancing in the Air

Training Ace of Hearts

Black and White


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