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How To Not Feel Self-Conscious In Public Environments

Written by Sasha Bell

One of our lovely customers asked us a really good question about how to cope with taking photographs and/or modelling in public environments, when people are watching you and how not to let it make you feel self-conscious or shy.

Every time we take any photographs in London, in the streets or anywhere with lots of people around, we have experienced the same challenge of not letting other people put you off or distract you when they start staring at you…

So we absolutely understand how it feels and in the past, we found it very difficult and didn’t like it – the pressure of everyone watching us etc.

We have found the best way to overcome it, is to focus 100% of your mind, on every little thing you are doing with the camera, how it looks, etc. Or if you’re the model, try to focus on holding the pose and think of other poses you want to try afterwards that you think will look good.

Don’t allow other people looking, or watching you, to distract you. It’s easy to say it and much harder to practice, we know, but you just have to have….steel like focus.

Then eventually what happens is, you will build your confidence up, you will stop noticing when people are watching you and if you do notice them, you won’t worry about it because you are more focused on getting the results you want vs. the insignificant stares from other people.

More Tips For Street Photographs

Another really important tip to remember when you are taking photographs with a lot of people around is, to make sure you take plenty of photographs, very often we see photographers having a difficult time editing people out of the photograph because they didn’t take enough photographs to be able to edit them out.

Don’t hold back for the sake of having to import a few more photographs onto your laptop or having to sort though a bigger quantity of photographs it’s not worth being disappointed later when it involves so much time and effort.

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