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Instagram’s “Gingham” Filter Recreated For Lightroom

Nine times out of ten, when we process our iPhone snaps/photographs we always find ourselves choosing the “Gingham” filter to edit them.

So we decided to recreate the effect into a professional high-end Lightroom Preset for us to be able to use and make it available for you also!

Our recreation of the Gingham filter produces what we would describe as a rich, semi-matte effect with smooth velvety undertones contrasted with flawless creamy overtones.

This Lightroom Preset works beautifully on many different subjects as we demonstrate in these new examples of our photographs processed with the Gingham Lightroom Preset  below:

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–  This Lightroom Preset works for a wide variety of subjects, including portraits, nature, animals, landscape etc.

– Download this Radiant Glow Lightroom Preset to get a taster of how fantastic The Bell Sisters’ Lightroom Presets are to use on your photography.

Below is a before and after of Radiant Glow Lightroom Preset:


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