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Written by Sasha Bell

One of our main goals is to be able to provide photographers with our best digital editing tools – along with of course information and easy steps on how to take stunning photographs – on various subjects indoor and also outdoor. All of this experience stems from our own, strong passion for photography.

Creating our own work and portfolio has been incredibly rewarding – especially when our photographs are able to help others with their own work and projects, as our photographs frequently gets licensed to be used on promotional campaigns, book covers, music covers, product launches, iPhone apps, posters, billboards, etc etc… this is something we do privately too – so if you’re interested or ever want to use one of our photographs – do not hesitate to get in touch with regard to licensing one of them.

Many of our photographs have been brought as book covers by bestselling authors some of which we have included in this blog post:



This jump photograph was used by the New Scientist which was spotted on in King’s Cross station on a billboard.

This jump photograph was also brought by Nestle and was featured on a Nestle cereal box:

This photograph we took turned into “The Ülemiste Girl”. Largest mural in the Baltics – 1780 sq. 800 litres of paint.

Mural in the making… and info below:- “Ülemiste City commissioned mural “Ülemiste Girl” from street-artist VonBomb/Indrek Haas.

It covers large 1780 sq. m old factory wall. This largest mural in the Baltics was executed by the team of street-artists – Edgar Tedresaar, Paavo Kuldkepp, Martin Urb, Alar Tuul and Taavi Kask. In the binary rain the part of poem by Debora Vaarandi “Oldy of Ülemiste and young city builder” is encoded. Ülemiste Girl has become one of the landmarks of Ülemiste City business campus. The opening of mural got large press coverage (Postimees, Delfi, Kanal2, ERR, Eesti Ekspress).

It features on more than 200 pics under Ülemiste City tags on instagram. As a highlight the mural is on a cover-page of “Das Auto. Magazin” “

Below you can see one of our most popular photographs being used on Nicholas Sparks’ bestselling novel’ “Dear John”

A large range of our photographs are available for licensing.


Whether you’re wanting to license our photographs for print, advertising, leaflets, online use in websites, media, etc – we offer a huge range of photographs for licensing to help you illustrate something through beautiful photography.

Contact us specifying which photographs you would like to purchase/license and we will do our very best to help you


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  • Congrats! They look great and totally deserve the publicity.

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