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Lightroom Presets for Indoor Portraits

Whether you take indoor portraits when it’s raining outside or when the light is beautiful.

Processing plays a big part to whether the photographs turns out to be good or bad.

Some photographs can look “okay” before processing, some need a lot of fixing!

When it comes to processing indoor portraits these are my top 3 Indoor Portrait Presets for Lightroom:

1. Indoor Lightroom Preset

2. Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset Pack

3. Black and White Lightroom Preset Pack

To get an idea of each lightroom preset and what they do, take a look at the links above which include more details and before and afters to show you how our presets can transform your photography.

Pretty In Pink II

This portrait was processed using the Indoor Lightroom Preset, this preset corrects any warm/yellow tones and processes your photographs beautifully.

Below are 3 more examples of Indoor Lightroom Preset:

Christmas Party Time - Day 238/365

Ready to Party - Day 243/365


Now the 2nd Lightroom Preset for indoor portraits we use is Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset

This is our most popular Lightroom Preset – if you’re looking for an allround lightroom preset which also works on indoor portraits, THIS is for you. 

With the option of having 11 different versions in the Whipped Cream King Pack, it will literally complete your photograph. 

Relaxed Self-Portrait - Day 125/365

Girly Downtime (photo series inside)

Feeling Free - Day 63/365

When we don’t process in colour, we use our Black and White Lightroom Preset Pack 

Below are some examples using this Lightroom Preset, this Black and White Preset always adds such an elegant, classy finish to indoor portraits.

Relaxing After-party - Day 244/365

Girly Time

Smiling for you...

Check out the full range of our Lightroom Presets:

View all our Lightroom Presets available here:


If you have any questions you can email us at [email protected] 



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