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Mid September Processing – What Lightroom Preset to Use and Why

It’s been really hot this summer, so we have been taking lots of outdoor photographs.

We have taken lots of summery portraits, jumps, animal shots etc.

But as it’s been getting a lot colder and overcast we have been taking a lot more photographs inside and we are reminded of how good Indoor lightroom preset is, for inside photography.

The reason this preset is so good, is because it works on any type of indoor photograph. I. e. You can photograph anything from food & still life to portraits and animals.

Photographs using Indoor Preset:-

Here are some more photographs that have been processed with Indoor Lightroom preset

Notice how it looks good on all types of photographs and different light:

Tea for One - Day 66/365

Working - Day 348/365

Release Day - Day 16/365

Cosy Workflow - Day 61/365

Girly Time - Day 154/365

A Cosy Afternoon - Day 65/365

Strawberry & Kiwi Drinks - Day 23/365

Raspberry and Vanilla Macaroons

Watermelon Hearts - Day 360/365

Cupcakes, Coffee and Peonies - Day 288/365

Coffee & Walnut Cake - Day 359/365

Fresh Apples

Red, Yellow and Green Pears - Day 238/365

Happy Whippet - Day 64/365

Pretty In Pink - Day 170/365

Reviews for indoor Lightroom Preset Pack…

“This is a beautiful preset, it looks fabulous on my photographs and I love all the different versions, the tones and setting are exactly what I was looking for.” – Nicole, from the US

“I got this the instant you released it on your website it just looked so good on the images youshared and I am happy to say it looks GREAT on mine too! – Lisa, from the UK 

“I L.OV.E this Lightroom Preset. It makes my pictures look so dreamy and perfect, I take a lot of photographs inside so when I found this preset I was so exciting” – Ed, from UK 

“I’m a bit addicted to this preset… It’s amazing! I used to hate processing but now I can’t stop, it’s too much fun seeing the difference it makes to my photography. – Joy, from the UK

Get Your Copy of The Indoor Lightroom Preset Pack.

Click here for more information for this preset and for before and afters:-  Indoor lightroom Preset Pack

Do You Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions you can email us at [email protected] 

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