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Our Favoured Presets For Indoor Portraits

Written by Sasha Bell

We spend a lot of time taking photographs outdoors as you know.

But when the whether is bad or we just feel extra creative we dive into some indoor photography!

And when it comes to portraits, we rely heavily on our presets.

Primarily we use the Indoor Lightroom Preset when it comes to processing the photographs – the great thing about this preset is it corrects all the fluorescent lighting and adds a lot of life and brilliance to the photographs.

If you have taken, or are planing on taking more indoor portraits we could not recommend it enough, especially as it’s one of our bestsellers for not only portraits, but for all types of indoor photography!

Take look this invaluable preset and for before and afters on it’s page here: The Indoor Lightroom Preset


This portrait was processed with the Indoor Lightroom Preset:

Black and White Processing

We really love portraits taken and processed in colour – but there is something incredibly striking and beautiful about black & white portraits when they are processed well.

Some portraits suit colour – whilst other portraits look far more striking and captivating in black and white.

We always choose to shoot in colour and decide afterwards if the portrait suits black & white so we have option either way.

We use the Premium Black & White Lightroom Preset on all of our portraits. It’s fantastic because it has lots of different black & white versions with different highlights, shadows, contrasts, etc, which will work on every portrait.

16349846780_a3c6b0af45_o (1)

The Natural Colours Lightroom Preset Pack:

We have used this Lightroom Preset Pack for many of our indoor portraits including the portrait below.

It is a perfect choice for those wanting to focus on the innate colours, with subtle improvement, without distorting the natural colours already apparent.

For more details on this preset click here: Natural Colours Lightroom Preset


Get a Taster of our Lightroom Presets

Download our FREE Radiant Glow Lightroom Preset

– This Lightroom Preset works for a wide variety of subjects, including portraits, nature, animals, landscape etc

– Download this Radiant Glow Lightroom Preset to get a taster of how fantastic The Bell Sisters’ Lightroom Presets are to use on your photography.

Below is a before and after of Radiant Glow Lightroom Preset:

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