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Photoshop & Lightroom Essentials for Winter Photography

Written by Sasha Bell

The presets we use on our photography mostly depends on what season it is.

Because the light changes so much from season to season, the presets that look amazing for one season won’t always work for photographs taken in the winter. So having a collection of different presets for different seasons is essential.

So the question right now, is what do you need for the winter months? Keep reading to see our top recommendations…

We cover all types of winter photography – from wet, damp and bleak, to frosty mornings and snow covered landscapes – we’ve got your back!

Note that these are listed in no particular order.

Winter Colours Lightroom Preset

Our Winter Colours Lightroom Preset is dedicated to winter photography – it covers a wide range of different types of winter photographs… e.g. rainy and bleak photographs with those dull dreary tones which always manage to make winter photography seem so unappealing…you’ll love the effect this pack will give your photography.

It also works beautifully on frosty photographs, along with snow, but if you have mostly snow photography… carry on scrolling down as we have one dedicated purely for snow photography.

Snow Colours Lightroom Preset

This Lightroom Preset creates the most stunning wintery effect. It adds a stunning winter glow, with stunning deep winter blue tones, just the right amount of depth and lightness to keep you coming back for its iconic representation of The Bell Sisters style.

It’s purely designed for photographs with snow – so for those of you in a cold climate with snow all the time… this one is absolutely perfect for you!

Snow Textures Pack

Our snow textures pack has proved to be truly invaluable – it helps make each winter photograph look so beautifully magical!

It’s perfect for adding a winter wonderland touch – particularly effective if you already have some snow on the ground, but want to capture the snow-falling! Seeing as it’s impossible to make the snow fall at the right time… in the right place…our Snow Textures Pack will do it all for you!


We hope you found this blog post helpful, if you have any questions just leave a comment down below and we will get right back to you.

To view our full range of Lightroom Presets and Packages click here: The Bell Sisters Lightroom Preset Range

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