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Picking 1 Photograph out of 100s of Photographs?

Written by Sasha Bell

10456823565_38a64889a1_o-2This was definitely one of the hardest things about my 365 projects. There were days when I came back with 100s of photographs and the challenge was working out how was I going to narrow them all down and only pick one for the day?

It was very tricky, and sometimes more difficult than the actual photographing bit of the project.

However the more I did it, the easier I found it.

My Routine

Firstly, this is my routine which really helps me narrow down the photographs and find “the one”:-

  1. Import the photographs.
  2. Open them
  3. Start going through them, and mark the ones I think are best. (see below for more info on this)
  4.  Import the select few into Lightroom (i.e. I started with 100 photos, narrowed it down to 10 photos)
  5. Process them
  6. Export them
  7. Go through the “finished version” of each photograph and delete any which I felt weren’t good enough, on a second viewing.
  8. Compare similar photographs with each other to find which is the best.
  9. Delete the photos I felt were not quite as good as the others (i.e. composition, lighting etc).
  10. End up with a select few, and the chosen one to post for the 365 Project.

Importing and Marking the Photographs

Note: I import my photographs from my DSLR to my laptop using EOS Utilities, which creates a folder on my laptop (dated 2011_09_15, etc).

Once I have the photographs imported, I open my photographs in my computer’s built-in photograph “viewer”. For a Mac it’s called Preview. Then I start going through the photographs (100 for example). When I come to one I think looks good (based on light, composition etc) I will “save it” as a number (e.g. 1 and the next photograph 2 and so on…) Once I have gone through the 100 photographs, I will likely have a bunch of photographs numbered 1 to 20, which I will then import into Lightroom.


Save Your Computer – Delete Unwanted Photos

Once I have my chosen photographs, I will delete the 80 which weren’t as good as the 20 I selected (saved). Originally all of the files were numbered IMG_5555, IMG_5556 etc. So having gone through the above process, I can simply select all the files starting IMG_ and delete them. This makes my life a lot easier as I know what is good, and what is bad. It also means I don’t have 100’s of images on my laptop which aren’t any good.


My Routine – A Second Pair of Eyes

One really important factor that helped me hugely was having a second pair of eyes.

You can be your own second pair of eyes, but if you have someone willing to be your second pair, this can be hugely helpful. But obviously it is important that you both have similar tastes and styles. My second pair of eyes was my mother. Her “eye” for composition, light, and also “feeling” is amazing. So when I got to go through the processed photographs, she would regularly look at the finished versions with me, and help me to filter them down to just the select few to keep.

What really helped was an entirely different perspective. She was the viewer, not the photographer. When you look at your own work it’s often easy to get confused, overly critical or not critical enough. We’re all different, so what I do with my photographs and how I see them will be different to how you see your own. But having an “outsider” look at them really helped me.

More Photography Tips

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