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Summer Portrait Ideas – PART 1

Written by Sasha Bell

Summer is a time to really take advantage of the light that we get during these glorious months. To help you take advantage of the season, and take as many different, unique portraits possible, we’re putting together a massive collection of ideas…

This is PART ONE – with “PART 2” to follow tomorrow… so watch this space for even more ideas!

Lets get started with today’s portrait ideas so you can go and give them a try!

1. Sunset Portraits

As beautiful as the sunsets in the summer can be,  adding the sunset, as a backdrop to your portraits can be even better.

Just make sure you expose correctly for the sunset not the model otherwise the sunset will be blown out,  so you might have to have model slightly darker than you would like but as you can see in the photograph below, it’s possible to get a happy-medium without sacrificing the colours of the sunset or the model.

Good processing is important as well with this type of portrait so make sure you give it the time/use the right preset for this.



2. Use Summer Flowers

Whether it’s roses, foxgloves, catmint, whatever is currently in season, use the gorgeous flowers to add exciting and vibrant colours to your portraits. Not only is the end result beautiful, the portraits will look fresh and also look different in your collection of portraits.

9316156166_db2ddefaf5_o (1)

3. Lying Down Portraits

What better time to take lying down portraits than it the summer? The ground is dry, the backdrops are beautiful and again they will look very different to the standard portraits.


4. Back Portraits

We love “back” portraits, whether you find a great backdrop for your model to admire the view or just want to make use of the golden summer light like the portrait below, hair up or down, both will look fantastic.

8988185415_4db046d596_o (1)

5. Use a Bicycle

Using a bicycle can add a lovely feeling to your portraits and the great thing about using a prop, is that it gives your model something to do that can make them feel more comfortable and relaxed which is ideal if they are feeling self-conscious in front of the camera.


6. Full Body Portraits

Take a few steps back and take some full body portraits, this gives the model a lot more posing options for them to try.


7. Use Different Light

It’s easy for us to always use backlight for portraits, the light is much softer and dreamy looking, however if you pick the right sort of time before sunset when the light softens you can capture lovely sunkissed tones like this portrait.


8. Photograph a Photographer

Some of our most popular portraits are ones with an actual camera in them, we can all relate to that moment when you take a photograph on your camera or phone, we all want to see what it looks like- and the results almost always put a smile on your face because you got “the shot” that you wanted to get.

So try recreating that feeling by putting  a camera in your models hands.


9. Golden Hour Portraits

As we like to call it, the golden hour light before the sunsets is beyond stunning and something we don’t get to enjoy during the winter months, don’t hold back on taking portraits around this time because they are too good to miss…!


PART 2 coming tomorrow…

Tune in tomorrow, for PART 2 which is filled with another huge list of ideas… 10+ Ideas and counting for tomorrow – not to  be missed!

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