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Summer Portrait Ideas – PART 2!

Written by Sasha Bell

Kicking off from PART 1 of Summer Portrait Ideas! If you missed it, check it out below, for many more ideas… but lets crack on with PART 2 here today!

10.  2 For One Portrait

Try filling your frame with more than one person, you can try new poses and add even more feeling to your portraits.


11.  Beach Portraits.

Who doesn’t love beach portraits? The open space, the sandy colours, the endless portraits you can capture on the beach makes it’s so appealing, even when it’s not sunny you can get some fabulous portraits, particularly as the light is almost always incredible.


12.  Black and White Portraits.

There is no doubt that summer is one of the best times to process portraits in black and white. It’s easy to forget how powerful black and white portrait can be when the light is exceptionally strong – as it is in the summer months.

14798972204_1415e2f32b_o (1)

13.  Bubble Portraits

If you haven’t ever taken “bubble” portraits, now is the prime time to do so.

Especially when the sun is out, the rainbow colours you get from the bubbles is amazing and very colourful. If you’re photographing young children, they’ll have as much fun with it, as you will photographing them. Modelling never sounded so fun!

15235403980_7cee729ea3_o (1)

14.  Portraits in Summer Crops

Incorporate the gorgeous summer crops with your portraits. When the crops turn golden, a week or two before harvest, is the best time – although you can also go “green” and use them early on in their growing period before they go golden (as below).


15.  Long Summer Grass Portraits

Sometimes the settings for portraits doesn’t have to be anything more than the long summer grass which can look really good if you are wanting more of a simple style of portrait.


16.  Vertical Portraits

Take more vertical portraits –  it might feel awkward if you haven’t done them in sometime, but you will quickly get used to the framing and the portraits will look totally different to your horizontal portraits.


17.  Sun Hat Portraits

Portraits with sun hats are so summery, and they’re incredibly easy to put into action so write this down on your to do list.


18.  Summer Jumps

If you haven’t yet attempted a jump portrait photograph, then set yourself up for success by doing one this summer as it is the easiest time of year. (not wet, cold, windy…. rainy etc!)

19.  Portraits with Dogs

You can do this in the summer or any other time of year but how beautiful does this idea look in the photograph below!?


20.  Swing Portraits

Another favourite of ours… Swing portraits! Very carefree and playful for the summer.

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