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Portrait Processing & Equipment Insight

Written by Sasha Bell

One of the most common emails and comments I get are about processing – such as:-

– What are you using right now?

– What do you recommend for ___ type of photograph?

– What does ___ photograph look like before you processed it?

So today I thought I would share what I did with a recent photograph – from start to finish, including what equipment I used and everything else I did before uploading the final photograph.

Lets get started!

Before Processing:

The photograph below which I took of my sister, Rosanna is before any processing.

For those of you who want to know what equipment I used to take this portrait, I have listed them below:

– Canon EOS 5D Mark II

– Canon EOS 85mm f/1.2 lens

NP1small copy

After The Lightroom Preset

Like all of my photographs I processed this portrait in Adobe Lightroom and I used the Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset which is fantastic for portrait photography as well as animals, landscape or nature photographs etc.

This Lightroom Preset will save you a huge amount of time, and gives the photographs a totally unique, completed finish – along with many other bonuses (but I’ll let the Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset pack do the talking if you want to find out more…!)


The Finished Photograph

After using the Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset, I added a sunflare from The Sunflares Pack which can be used in Adobe Photoshop.

Compare the photograph below to the one above and you will see the the effect The Sunflares Pack can produce!


Try “The Sunflares Pack”

If you haven’t already got your copy of The Sunflares Pack, which is compatible with Photoshop, Gimp, Photoshop Elements etc. Then I highly recommend you give it a try.

There is a nice and affordable pack called “Starter Pack“, which you can try, and if you want a larger pack later on, you can upgrade without paying twice (our system will email you with this option after you’ve purchased).

The benefits are endless, but just to list a few, see below:

  • They look like real sunshine.
  • They mimic sun flares and sun bursts
  • They add light to images which are somewhat dull.
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to apply
  • Work on almost any photograph – both indoors & outdoors.
  • Suitable for Portraits, Landscapes, Still Life, Nature, Food etc.
  • Large range of colours and strengths of sunflares
  • Totally unique to you as you can customize them easily (instructions to do this are in our “How To Guide”
  • Excellent High Quality Resolution for Printing
  • Suitable for winter, autumn, spring & summer photographs as there are varied sunflares for each season.
  • Suitable for client work – such as wedding photography, portrait sessions, and event photography.

The list really does go on.


Get your copy:-

Take a look at the official The Sunflares Pack page for a more details on what’s inside the packages, what options are available to you, and the additional benefits of using a package like this.

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– The Bell Sisters


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  • Another thing that makes all of your photographs look nice, is the fact that you and your sisters are aestheticly pleasing 😀

    Thank you for your actions you sell.


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