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The 1 Thing I Did to Get My Inspiration Back

One of my key tools for photography, is my inspiration… apart from my photography skills and DSLR techniques, what really makes me, me, is my inspiration.

What I see and how I photograph it… that’s all down to my elusive inspiration!

Having completed two 365 Project’s, I am now doing my third 365 Project (of which I am 120+ days in…) I know how important my inspiration is, and how vital it is to me to keep my inspiration flowing.

The ONE Incredible Tip for Inspiration

Tennis - Day 110/365

There are so many things I would recommend doing to get your inspiration back, and also how to keep your “inspiration flowing” – my list of ideas is endless.
However there’s one thing that has drastically helped me continue to keep going, keep creating photographs, and allowing ideas to flow freely.
The one important key is… to relax.
My really important tip is to relax, and not to take myself too seriously. Pressure is good, but overpressure, isn’t.

Escape from Gravity - Day 126/365

When you’re trying to get inspiration to flow, you can build up this intense amount of pressure and that alone totally kills it.
Have some fun, relax and take a deep breath. Don’t over think things, just do something. If it isn’t right, don’t worry about it. Have fun, giggle about it, and keep doing this… what will happen is, you will relax and out of NOWHERE your inspiration will hit you.
I’m sure if you’re reading this, it feels impossible. And this isn’t to say it’s easy, or that it comes straight off…. it may not. But it definitely will! Have a bit of fun with yourself. Relax and don’t take it so seriously.
This has seriously helped me and kept my inspiration alive through multiple projects and challenges I’ve stumbled upon along my way.

Frosty Morning Training Horses - Day 127/365

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