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The 3 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make

Written by Sasha Bell

One of the things we’d all love to do, when we take up a new hobby, is to have the insider-scoop on what TO DO, or what NOT TO DO.

Wouldn’t it make it easier, if you just had those few insights, that would jump you up a few levels? Help you avoid those easy-to-make mistakes? Well then take a look at “The 3 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make”

1. Equipment


Most beginners focus way too much on camera equipment.

In the beginning you only need 1 camera body and 1 lens to start building a good portfolio of photographs. Don’t keep obsessing about what other equipment photographers are using. After all a good camera doesn’t take phenomenal photographs by itself; think of photography as 70% the photographer, 30% camera equipment.

If you want to know what equipment we love, then take a look at our blog post specifically on this.

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2. Framing


In the beginning, it’s easy to frame photographs badly. You get so caught up checking the settings on the camera, you don’t focus on how you are framing the photograph to make it look the best possible.

So what we suggest is, take a couple of photographs, then check the framing on the camera and ask yourself if it looks good, or if you don’t know it looks right, keep changing it until you think it’s right.

Remember to keep thinking about the framing when you’re taking photographs and you will soon turn a bad habit into a good one!

When you’re actually taking photographs, try several compositions, and frame closely, further away, and as many combinations as you can think of. Your eye will quickly pick up the right framing, and composition.

3. It’s Art, not a Click


Photography is about being able to capture and compose a photograph in the most flattering way possible. It’s the thought behind the photograph that makes a photograph – the planning, the combination of thought and light. The difference between a “click”, and “art”.

In some cases, photographs we take can have 20 minutes planning – even if it’s just the location, getting there, organising etc. Other times photographs can have hours and hours of thought and action behind it.

All the planning, all the thought and care behind each photograph, is similar to a painter, standing over their canvas, for hours and hours, creating a masterpiece.

Creating beautiful photographs is more than just clicking the button on the camera. So as soon as you think, and start to think of photography as a painting, with you standing over a blank canvas – that’s when you’ll begin to create really sensational photographs you can be immensely proud of.

There is a big difference between a snapshot and a photograph; you don’t just go for a walk and snap a picture of something along your way.

So start by thinking of adding 2 + 2 — i.e. if you want a beautiful landscape, find some gorgeous landscape, and add good light. The combination of 2 things, can often make a photograph.

Another example is, if you’re taking a portrait – next to roses, then try to set off the colour by adding a contrasting colour, or one which matches the colours. We very often combine colours – so if we’re taking a portrait in daffodils, then we’ll match it up by adding a cute yellow headband.

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