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Top 4 Post-Processing Mistakes To Avoid

Written by Sasha Bell

1. Don’t Over Re-Touch Portraits

Quite often photographers tend to over re-touch their photographs. specially their portraits, the point of re-touching is to remove any distracting aspects the portraits have, which might be anything from erasing dark under eye shadows, to re-touching the models skin tone. But you don’t want it to be noticeable that you have done it.

So keep this in mind next time you need to re-touch your images to not go overboard with the editing.


2. Don’t Forget The Obvious

Sometimes when you spend a long time processing your photographs, especially in large quantities, it’s easy to forget to fix the obvious things for example, checking that the photograph isn’t off-centre, and is not wonky.

The way  we remember the obvious parts of processing is, once we finish processing our photographs, we always double check for anything obvious that we may have missed.

3. Use Specific Presets

The reason we have many different Lightroom Preset Packs to choose from is, because with every season the light changes and therefor so do the colours, so the presets that work for winter, won’t always work for summer photographs.

This is why it is so important to use specific presets not only for the different seasons but also for specific subjects, so if you take a lot of  portraits, make sure you use presets that are dedicated or recommend to use on portraits.


4. Avoid Cropping Photographs

We always try to avoid cropping our photographs for two main reasons, (1, we always want to have the full resolution, because when you crop, you reduce the resolution size and this makes it very difficult when you want to print the photograph, sell it, or license it and you don’t the biggest size available.

(2, When you get the framing correct, the photograph will always look better than if you heavily crop it due to losing the true perspective when you took it.

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