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Top 5 Questions Every Photographer Should Ask Themselves

Written by Sasha Bell

Our goal is to help photographers achieve fabulous results  with their photography, easily without a lot of frustration and disappointment.

In this blog post we wanted to share some questions we frequently ask ourselves on a regular basis, which help us get the best outcome possible.

The best time to ask these questions is when you are in the middle of taking photographs, this way you can correct/adjust your techniques sooner rather than later. 🙂


1. Is this aesthetically beautiful?

Very often we see photographers photograph a thing/subject that really isn’t beautiful.

One might think it’s “unusual” or “interesting” but these two things, are often far from beautiful. Sometimes it does not matter how good the light is, or how great the timing of the shot is, if it’s not attractive to look at, it’s not beautiful.

So if in doubt… ask yourself this question “Is this aesthetically beautiful?” and by asking yourself this, you won’t make this mistake.

2. Is this the best composition?

Composition is so important and can play a huge role in improving one’s own photography.

We always play with different compositions in order to get the best results, sometimes it can be hard to know which IS the best composition until you download the photographs on your laptop and see the different angles on a larger screen.

However we have found by constantly asking ourselves the question “Is this the best composition?” to be really effective in making sure you assess the entire photograph.

It’s very easy to get so caught up getting the right exposure etc that we forget to check if the composition is really good.

3. How can I photographer this better?

This question will really help you think of better ways to photograph your subject, once you ask these simple yet effective questions you immediately start getting ideas and ways to improve your photographs.

Don’t underestimate the simple question.


4. Do the colours compliment each other?

Colour has everything to do with flattering your subject.

If the colours are clashing, and don’t suit each other, – if they don’t compliment each other and you’re unsure of what colour combinations do work, then you need to learn and become more aware so you don’t adjust accordingly.


5. Is the focus absolutely perfect? 

Getting good focus may seem basic and easy, and it can be, however others times it can be harder, depending on the light.

All in all it’s about paying attention to detail and not getting distracted. There is nothing worse than spending valuable time and getting the perfect shot, just to find the focus isn’t crystal clear.

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