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What to Photograph Indoors On a Rainy Day

Written by Sasha Bell

Turn Daily Habits Into Photographs

It’s amazing how you can make small, every day things like pouring yourself a cup of coffee, look beautiful and photogenic.

When you start to become more aware of all our daily habits, and think about how you can turn them into a well composed photograph, you will be surprised at how many things you can photograph inside despite the gloomy weather outside…

Portraits Using Natural Light

Photographing portraits indoors using natural light on a rainy day, isn’t the most ideal combination, as usually when it’s raining outside there isn’t much bright, airy light available.

However, the photograph below is a great example of how we utilised the window to get enough light in this portrait, so that we didn’t have to use fluorescent light or compromise the quality by using too much ISO.

Photograph Animals Inside

One of the best things to do when it’s raining! You and your cat/dog etc can stay cosy inside and create some beautiful cosy photographs. The photograph below was actually taken in the exact same place as the portrait above – the cat was standing directly below the window, which allowed a huge amount of light to be let in.

Position your subject near windows where it’s as light as possible, and then have a toy or something interesting to entice them to perk up there expression for your photograph.. a piece of string, feathers, treats, etc.. all do the trick ūüėČ

Bake Your Photograph

When you feel like you have nothing new to photograph, then it’s time to start baking your photograph!

It can be simple or it can be very elaborate – ¬†but either way, you can enjoy the satisfaction of photographing something you know will look good and then you can enjoy it afterwards… what could be better?! This is what we’ve done countless times when we’ve felt stuck for inspiration and/or felt like we’d used up every other idea to photograph inside!

Keep It Simple

Sometimes it’s better to keep things simple. It’s easy to feel like you need to keep adding to the photograph to make it look more interesting…but there is actually a lot of beauty in simplicity, as long as you have good composition, lighting and processing.

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